You Won’t Believe These Celebrities Have Beauty Businesses (Part I)

14. Salma Hayek

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The gorgeous Mexican-American actress and former model who makes heads turn when she steps into a room are one of the many celebrities who have their own beauty company. Her beauty company, NUANCE Salma Hayek, specializes in beauty products ranging from skin care products to makeup products and even hair products. Her products are of a very high quality and are not expensive at all. All her products cost less than $20. She also uses her product. And she has also made it known on several occasions that the secret to her flawless and firm skin is in her products. No wonder at 51, Salma still looks as amazing as ever.

13. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

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The Olsen twins are popularly known in the entertainment industry as former child actresses who came into light when they were just six years old. The dynamic duo owns an entertainment company called Dualstar, through which they became ranked as one of the wealthiest women in showbiz. The Olsen twins didn’t stop there, they ventured into the fashion industry and were also successful in that aspect. Their fashion brand is called Elizabeth and James and have expanded into the production of fragrances and now hair products. They are known by using their products on themselves, so if you love their looks and want that style, you can just use their products. Their products are high-quality products and very affordable.