You Won’t Believe These Celebrities Have Beauty Businesses (Part I)

So many companies today are either affiliated with celebrities and even some are owned by these celebrities. From food companies to fashion, to technology companies. Beauty companies are also another aspect celebrities have ventured into.

We compiled a list of 15 world’s influential and popular celebrities have beauty businesses.

15. Eva Mendes

Kathy Hutchins /

Eva Mendes is one of Hollywood’s successful actresses and businesswoman. She has been described many times as one of the world’s most beautiful Latinas on several occasions by the media and blogs. When it comes to looking beautiful and sexy we can say Mendes is an expert in that field, and that played a role in the launch of her makeup collection in 2015 which she called, Circa. The makeup line is known to be a very high-quality product but also inexpensive. She said that when she was growing up, she could only afford makeup and products from drugstores and that was a factor that played a role in making Circa available only at drugstores. Her beauty company takes into consideration families from middle and lower end classes which allows both the young and adults to get a chance to own makeup items of good quality and also not expensive.