You Won’t Believe These 10 Photos Are Real!

Our world is a mysterious place. Human imagination, no matter how wild, cannot come up with some things found in nature. There are photos that look so obviously edited, except they aren’t – weirdly shaped clouds, freaky looking animals, you name it, it’s completely real. And then there are man-made things that seem to defy logic, too. We have collected the best of both to show you in this top 10 list.

10. This is what a fishing pole struck by lightning looks like. We hope the fisherman wasn’t anywhere near it!

BubbleBoyB @Reddit

9. Aliens invading? Nope, just a cloud in the sky over Kansas

Scaulbylausis @ Reddit

8. Nopity nope! These are some long crabsticks!

spleegle @ Reddit

7. This is not a picture of a planet made by an amateur designer. This is in fact a photo of a jellyfish

thewarboy234 @ Reddit

6. It’s water, sold in a plastic bag. Yep.

NegroWars @ Reddit