You look happier, aren’t you, Matt?

Matt Lauer does not hide his joy at the divorce. He is glad that he will no longer have to live in a lie.

November 2017 was not a very happy month for Matt, as NBC fired him on charges of sexual harassment. According to the employee of the institution, Matt pestered her during the winter Olympic Games in 2014, which were held in Russia.

The frauds allegedly continued until they returned to New York. Since then, gossip began spreading about the divorce of Matt and Annette Roque. It seems that the news about divorce is not very disturbing to the star.

The journalist’s attitude is really quite positive. A reliable source informs that Lauer spends time in the company of divorce attorneys, but does not particularly worry about the division of property, for example, he believes that he will soon return to the top of the television ratings. Matt’s divorce impressions are quite specific: the leader is happy and actually feels relieved on the eve of the divorce.

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The 60 years old Matt is really glad that he no longer lives a lie. In December, Annette was seen leaving the law firm in Manhattan, which only strengthened the gossip.
It became known that from the very beginning the woman tried to save her marriage with all her strength. But now she is not tuned to a truce. The former model made a request for legal custody of children, cause the couple has three of them: 16, 14 and 11 years old. Fortunately, the 60-year-old Matt has always been a good father, so he can count on joint custody.

Inquisitr’s news came after the report from Page Six that Roque recently kicked Matt Lauer out of their family home in the Hamptons. Yet the TV host wants to spend time with his kids, so he’s staying in a house near to the home. It is said that his wife of almost two decades has not yet filed for divorce, but it should happen anytime soon.

In 2006, Roque filed for divorce, citing “mental abuse, extreme mental and emotional distress, humiliation, torment, and anxiety.” However, she later withdrew the divorce filings, according to Page Six, in exchange for millions of dollars and a postnuptial agreement offered by Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer’s salary while working on the broadcasting company was $20 million dollars.