10 Of The Worst Movies We’ve Ever Seen!

We love a bad movie – it’s where we use that phrase ‘so bad that it’s good.’ However, it’s something different altogether if you’ve actually gone to the cinema to see a hyped up movie and it turns out to be rubbish – what a bummer! We’ve put together a list of the worst movies to have ever made it onto our screens, it’s your choice whether to avoid them like the plague or set up a bad-movie-marathon!

10. All Monsters Attack


Imagine this: a little boy, who is having issues with bullying, heads to a mysterious island in his dreams, where he befriends Godzilla’s son, who is also having bullying problems. Bizarre is not a great enough word. Maybe if you’re a little kid it’s not quite so bad?

9. Fateful Findings


Less than 5 stars on IMDB does not a hit movie make! The story of this movie is kind of all over the place, and you truly don’t know whether you’re coming or going half of the time – honestly, we can’t even sum up exactly what this film is about. The direction also isn’t exactly pro, and if you hate continuity errors then this sci-fi nightmare is one to steer clear of.

8. Disaster Movie


The irony is certainly not understated here, for it certainly is a disaster movie. A parody of other (better) movies, Disaster Movie is a terrible mish-mash of many different plot lines and themes, and sure, you’re not supposed to take it seriously, but we couldn’t take it at all.

7. Justin Bieber ‘Never Say Never’ 


Spoiler alert: tween Justin Bieber does not make for entertaining viewing. We honestly just got bored at viewing what can only be described as a movie of complete self-gratification.

6. The Last Airbender


This one was definitely hyped up quite a lot, as an adaptation of the awesome Avatar cartoons, and we had high hopes. Unfortunately, the writing for the movie was absolutely awful and the acting certainly did nothing to help things. The characters and their personalities seem completely 2D, and we were flung from one scene into the next with little idea of their relations to one another.

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