Woman Texting A Wrong Number Accidently Helps Four-Year-Old Boy Beat His Leukemia

Sometimes a simple coincidence can do great things!

When Tony Wood received a message from an unknown number, he had no idea of how much this would help his family.

It turned out that a woman named Syd accidentally typed in a wrong number when asking her friend for advice about buying a new dress. Instead of responding with something simple like “wrong number”, Tony handled the situation with some humor.

“I believe this message was intended for someone else,” Tony wrote in response.“My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!”

He added to the message the pic of five of his kids giving thumbs up.

Later Mandi Miller, a Twitter user, posted screenshots of this conversation, and they quickly went viral, gathering nearly 700,000 likes and 173,000 retweets.

However, there is more to this story than just some laughs. Tony’s wife was absent for a good reason, for she was staying in the hospital with her four-year-old son Kaizler. The boy is suffering from leukemia, a type of cancer that harms the body’s ability to produce healthy blood cells, and at the time was under a medical treatment.

The sudden popularity of Tony’s message screenshots has drawn attention to the family’s GoFundMe campaign, where they were trying to get some money to pay for Kaizler’s treatments. Now the campaign had already surpassed its intended goal of collecting $10,000 by another $5,000.

In his recent tweet, Tony Wood expressed his thankfulness to everybody involved:
The kindness and generosity of Twitter and other venues saw our gofundme account surpass our goal last night! I can’t begin to thank everyone enough! This is a major hour of need for us and this blessing will help more than you know! God Bless all of you!

Source: MSN