Which Foods Are You Eating Incorrectly?

We’ve been eating all our lives, so you might be surprised to find that some of us are still getting it wrong on a daily basis! Here are 14 dishes that you could be making a right meal out of, read on to see if there are some foods you’re eating incorrectly.

14. Soft-Boiled Eggs


Serve in an egg-cup, and crack open the top end of the shell horizontally with a knife. Lift the lid off with your knife and put it to the side – you can then enjoy that golden yolk with your bread soldiers.

 13. Shrimp Cocktail


All the rules against double-dipping go out of the window here – dip to your heart’s content! It’s definitely most acceptable here to spear the shrimp onto the end of your fork and take as many bites as you like.

12. Burger


If your burger is served half wrapped then you’re good – there’s no way you’ll be making a mess or losing any of the trimmings. If it’s served without a wrapper, then it’s always a good idea to slice your burger in half vertically and then eating one half at a time with your fingers.

11. Chinese Takeaway


The takeaway cartons actually double as a plate, just break them down according to the folds and ta-da! You’ve saved yourself on the washing up and the carton has truly served its purpose.

10. Bacon


This one is easy: if you’ve got some super crispy bacon, dive in with your hands, there’s no shame. If, however, the bacon is a little more floppy then it’s better to go in with a knife and fork.

9. Soup


No matter how we eat soup it always seems to culminate in a right mess. What you need to be doing is dragging the spoon towards you from the far end of the bowl, bringing it to your lips and sipping (no slurping!).

 8. Cupcakes


Wondering if there is actually ever a way to eat both the cake and the mountain of icing that comes with it without making a right mess? There is! It’s perfectly acceptable to slice the cupcake horizontally and then placing the bottom half of the cake on top of the icing to make a lil’ sandwich. It’s much neater but you still get all of the flavors in!

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