Washington Welcomes First-Ever Deaf K-9

A dog named Ghost recently became the first deaf K-9 in the history of Washington state. We’re talking about an unusual pitbull mix. Official representatives of animal control services deemed the dog “unadoptable” because he has a lot of energy but can’t hear at all. To give away such a special pet they had to be sure that the new owners would care enough to learn new ways of communication.

Ghost was scheduled to be euthanized, but Swamp Haven Humane wanted to give him another chance at a forever home. So they reached out to several animal shelters around the country, including Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles, which agreed to take him in.
It was the most important moment of Ghost’s life, because from then on Barb Davenport, long-term dog trainer, started taking care of it.
Barb is completely confident in her solutions. She believes the best thing about her job is giving dogs new opportunities to help people.

Credit: Washington Department of Corrections

“I’m always up for a challenge,” said Davenport.

Her hard work paid off. Ghost is currently living with his new handler, Joe Henderson, and is training as a narcotics detection dog for the Washington Department of Corrections.

He’ll be the first deaf dog in Washington’s K-9 history.

Source: Kiro7