Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day? Question Answered!

Everyone has a personal answer to the question that’s asked all the time – how often should you wash your hair? Some wash it every day, some will wait for a while in between, some will only wash it once a week. The argument has been rehashed since the news came out that it’s bad for your hair to wash it every day – so who should we believe?

Believe us and the experts below – we’ve got your answer for you!

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What’s Your Hair Type? 

Think of your hair the same way that you do with your skin – we know when we’re choosing foundations that we need to know what skin type we have so that we’re not buying the wrong product for our skin. The same applies to our hair. Hair that is curlier and thicker can be washed less regularly than thinner hair. Same goes for dyed hair, as the oils that your scalp naturally creates don’t travel down dyed hair as quickly as all-natural hair. That’s what Marlene Montanez from Latest Hairstyles says, anyway.

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For all your curly-heads out there, you need to be careful to not over-wash your hair. When you do wash it, avoid shampoos that contain harsh sulfates as these will strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy. We don’t want to completely rid our hair of these oils, however frustrating it may be when it makes your hair look greasy – it will be more frustrating if you’re constantly greasy from over-washing. Another tip from Jane Nyachiro from the hair brand Jirano is that if you can’t go for longer than a few days without washing your hair, replace your shampoo with just a conditioner. This will restore some of the oils you stripped earlier. What’s so bad about stripping these oils? Your hair will start to dry out quicker and will turn more straw-like, says Emily Woodstrom from Hairtage ‘Hous.

If you have an oily scalp with thin hair, your hair will start to look greasy after 24 hours. But if you have thick hair or curly hair (which normally come hand in hand) then you can go for three days without washing your hair.

Find what works for you.

Similarly to skincare, you’ll need to find a combination of products that will work for your hair type – while catering to both your scalp and your hair. If you find the right combination, you could be able to go as long as five days without washing your hair. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Max Gierl, a hairstylist from Texas, says that if you have fine hair, you should go for a volumizing shampoo as this will prevent the hair from getting greasy too quickly. However, if you have thick hair, you should use a moisturizing shampoo that will balance the properties of both your scalp and your hair.

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If you need advice, go to your stylist. But one thing that Max can say for certain is that you should keep conditioner as far away from your scalp as possible and only apply it to the ends of your hair. Conditioner can make your roots appear greasy more quickly.

So, what’s the final answer to this question? 

If you don’t want to go through the faff of finding out your perfect combination of hair products, we can suggest that you wash your hair every other day. See how long you can go without washing your hair comfortably and then try and stretch this – remember that we’re always more self-aware of our own hair because we can feel when it needs washing. The likelihood is that the people around you can’t tell. But if you really can’t stand even the slightly oily look, use a dry shampoo. This will soak up the excess oil and give you an extra day or two without washing your hair. It’s a gift from heaven – it will also make your hair have some more oomph while making it smell fresh, too. Win-win!

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