WARNING For Diabetics: 10 Processed Foods You Need To Stop Eating Right Now!

According to statistics, Americans consume the biggest amount of processed foods in the whole world. Being quite affordable and convenient, processed foods have become an integral part of our modern hectic life. However, if you suffer from diabetes, it’s not the kind of food you should eat. Here is the list of 10 processed foods you’d better avoid:

Sugary Cereals

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A box of cereal is a common treat in each household. In fact, they are packed with added sugars, which is not a good option to help you with diabetes. Choose the cereals that contain enough fiber and a minimum amount of sugar.

Potato Chips


The chips really know how to add several extra kilos to your weight. In fact, they don’t provide you with any nutrients or fiber, on the contrary, they slow down the digestion. Want a crunchy snack? Opt for fruits or veggie sticks with hummus.

White Rice


Of course, it’s cheap and easily cooked. However, being the same as other refined foods, including refined flour, white bread, and white pasta, white rice won’t supply your organism with enough nutrients. Furthermore, it can easily raise your blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic, try to substitute it with quinoa, barley, or whole-grain bread.

Fast-Food Hamburgers


Eating hamburgers is not a good way to a healthy life. If you consume fast food several times per week, you are more likely to face diabetes and gain some extra kilos. Opt for healthier food when eating out.

Processed Meat


Being packed with fats, salt and preservatives, processed meat has been recognized as carcinogenic. Moreover, it has the potential to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In fact, it’s better to give up meat at all in case of the above-mentioned diagnosis.

Canned Fruits


Fresh fruits are good for people with diabetes but canned ones won’t supply your organism with vitamins, as they contain a lot of sugar syrup. Carefully look at the labels and choose only fruits canned in their own syrup.

Chicken Nuggets


They are so delicious and can easily satisfy your hunger. In fact, chicken nuggets contain a lot of salt, fats, and preservatives – an amount that your organism really doesn’t need.

French Fries

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Do you know how many calories you get from a small serving of your favorite French fries? If you eat them often, managing the weight can become difficult. The food doesn’t have many benefits, and it raises your blood sugar levels. If you really want some, it’s better to make French fries at home without any oil or simply bake them in the oven.

Foods with Added Sugars


Nowadays the majority of packaged foods contain added sugars. You’ll be surprised but even your favorite ketchup, salad dressings, and sweet pickle relish contain them. According to The American Heart Association, your daily intake of added sugars shouldn’t be more than 25 grams.



Soda, even sugar-free, is one of the worst enemies for people with diabetes 2. It’s better to switch to water with lemon juice. You can also mix water with some berries and herbs, such as basil or mint.


Source: Everyday Health