Vivica A. Fox About 50 Cent: Our Sex Life Was PG-13 Rated

Though the 53-year-old actress did not want to describe the intimate details of her relationship with 50 Cent in her book “Every Day, I’m Hustling,” she felt obliged to do so, as the rapper was reported to spread fictitious stories about that side of their life.

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Vivica remembers that there was a lot of chemistry between them, but Fitty was more focused on his career than on sex. The Empire star remembers initiating sex most of the time and describes their sessions as PG-13, but “cherished and special”.

Later on, Fox found out that the rapper had been ready to pop the question on a trip to Monaco, where the couple took part in the World Music Awards in 2003. If she hadn’t signed up to host the show, Fitty would have made a dream proposal. He planned to rent a movie theater in Monte Carlo, play a copy of “Kill Bill” where she starred, and propose with a 14-carat diamond ring.

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Vivica’s memoirs don’t focus on relationship alone. She remembers her partners in “Kill Bill”, Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah, having a conflict. Fox admitted that Thurman was under a lot of pressure, while Hannah tried to get her into the “blond competition”. Fox chose to stay neutral.

One day, Tarantino told off the leading ladies so harshly that Fox fought back. Thurman calmed her down, explaining that it was his manner of work, and advised her to attack intelligently if she wanted to stay in the project.

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Fox also remembers her break in 1996’s blockbuster “Independence Day” where she performed opposite Will Smith. Roland Emmerich, the director, confessed that if Fox hadn’t performed well on the first day of filming, she would have been kicked out.

The book is interspersed with life lessons and snappy headings. It comes out April 3.


Source: NY Daily News