The Doppelgangers Alarm! 10 Celebs Who Have Vintage Doppelganger!

The Doppelgangers alarm! Sometimes you walk around the streets and see someone who looks like someone you know. We bet you think it is scary…
Yes, we all are different, but certainly, there are things we can not explain, like – doppelganger. Here we have the list of celebs who are ghostly doubles of other celebs!
Mysticism, dementation or genetics? Depends on you. But here we are with the most thrillingly similar vintage doppelgangers of celebs.

10. Sophia Loren (1961) and Sofia Vergara

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Sophia Loren is a top-notch Italian actress and singer. Everybody knows her and everybody loves her. It is truly hard to keep out of admiring her. What can we say – Italian beauty does not allow to stay indifferent. She’s known to have been married to famous Italian film producer Carlo Ponti.

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Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-American actress, who, do you see it? Look just like Sophia Loren! Their names are also similar. Though originally doppelganger means “an evil double”, these double is way too chancy.

9. Ava Gardner (1950) and Liv Tyler

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Ava Gardner – one of the most beautiful and talented pearls of 40’s era. One of the Greatest Female Stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema. One of the most famous parts is played is a femme fatale character of Kitty Collins.

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We love Liv Tyler for so many reasons! We do not say that she is a 100% doppelganger of Ava Gardner. But it’s a plus for this reminiscent of Ava. They both are tender and truly elegant actresses we love.

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