These Videos Of Baby Elephants Playing Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

The first video is from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A baby elephant was recorded playing with one of his carers and giggling like a small child. The six-month-old calf was being entertained by one of her closest carers with a plastic bucket and having the best time in her life while the visitors watched in awe. It’s amazing to see an elephant that weights more than a grown man, so lively and happy, moving around with absolutely unbelievable speed and agility.

This video was shot by Laura-Jane Fyfe from Aberdeenshire, in Maevang Elephant Camp, while she was traveling the world after graduating from the university. Fyfe, a student of geology, had a day of feeding, caring and petting the 14,000-pound animals at the elephant clinic and was moved by the elephant’s innocence and playful nature.

“It made me feel so happy to see the elephant obviously having such a good time,” Laura said. “We watched the baby being playful, relaxed and care-free all day. She seemed to be quite a cheeky little girl, and at one point even tried to eat my top.”

Keep in mind, though, that fully grown elephants can be pretty dangerous. The calf’s mom can also be seen in the video, being cared for by another park keeper and keeping a close eye on her young. No doubt that anyone who’d try to do any harm to her baby would regret the day he was born.

If you need more adorable baby elephants in your life – here’s another, chasing birds in a different park.


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