Video: Travis Scott Stands Up Against His Own Security Team To Protect A Fan

hurricanehank /

Recently, Travis Scott, mostly remembered for his romance and a baby-girl with Kylie Jenner, has shown that he’s got a pair.

The rapper was performing on stage somewhere in Miami when he invited (remember that – HE INVITED) a fan to join him. However, his security seemed to forget the instructions and rushed to drive the unfortunate guy away in the most violent manner.

Scott intervened and called off the team and let the fan to hang around for as long as needed before he made sure that the fan left the stage safely. He called the security off and had the lights turned on.

In the video (18:15), we can hear Scott say, “Hold on. I got you. Don’t do that cop, he’s okay, he’s okay. He’s a part of the show. He’s all right.”

Scott also wanted the audience to stop filming and “help this kid” before getting back to the show. What a deed! Kylie Jenner seems to have chosen the right guy!


Source: Cosmopolitan