Upcoming Lord of the Rings Prequel Will Cost Amazon $500 Million

Game of Thrones seems to be less expensive than the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel!

According to Reuters, the production will cost Amazon around $500 million, with $250 million paid for the rights alone.

The company has made a deal for two seasons, and the production and marketing costs will come up to about another $250 million. Thus, LotR may become the most expensive TV series ever made. And Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning trilogy cost definitely less (minus marketing expenses).

Amazon also faces the additional challenge of not making a mere reboot of the classic tale of Frodo and the One Ring. Instead, the prequel will be based on Tolkien’s original, yet unreleased works.

For comparison, each GOT episode costs HBO $15 million, or more for the upcoming final season, plus marketing. Last fall, Roy Price, the former head of Amazon Studios, called Game of Thrones a model for a big hit.

Source: EW.com