Twitter Users Share Their Boring Celebrity Encounters. Yawn!

When you get to meet a celebrity, you obviously expect something amazing to happen or have an epic conversation with them. Something to share with your friends after the meeting and look back on your entire life! Well, that’s not always the case. Some celebrity encounters are just… super boring.

It’s so easy for us to look up to people we see on the screen that we tend to forget that they are only humans! They do various mundane things, just like the rest of us.

A Twitter user named John Moe decided to ask Twitter users about their most insignificant and dull encounters with celebrities and he got plenty of responses!

If you feel like reading about some of the most boring meetings ever, here is your chance.

Celebrities drive. Nothing surprising about that.

They also need to eat. And sometimes you can even see them twice at the same place.

Being all nonchalant when talking to a famous actor is quite easy when you don’t recognize him as someone you could have seen on TV. This makes the conversation much easier!

Celebs can even give you directions when you are searching for the restroom. How nice!

They also buy various items and take their change. If you imagine celebrities leaving change whenever they pay, that’s not actually the case.

Some celebrities will even respond to your comments on their appearance.

Also, celebs love their pets and need to feed them.

They are only humans, don’t forget about that. Things happen.

Sometimes celebs ask the most random questions. And the answer to this one is – no.

Everyone needs cash and your favorite actors are not an exception.

Some celebs can’t miss out on a chance to pet a cute dog. And we totally understand the reaction.

Not all celebs feel entitled. Some of them are polite and follow the etiquette. Now that’s what we want to hear!

When celebrities get together, it’s not always profound discussions about their upcoming projects. They also ask each other boring questions.

Some of them don’t freak out when they are denied access to certain establishments.

They also need to buy devices from time to time.

Sometimes they really don’t want to talk to anyone and take photos. How can you blame them?

A pen? Who has space in his bag to carry that?

Once again, they can be polite and courteous.

It’s not just the elixirs of youth, some celebs drink tea, too.

There are times when they talk to themselves while looking in the mirror. Everyone needs encouragement once in a while!

They also admit that their lives are not all fun and filled with excitement.

Now that’s plenty of proof that celebrities are just normal human beings.


Source: Distractify