Top 10 Best Stiletto Nails Designs

We’ve all worn stilettos before – and moaned about how much they hurt. The sexy heels that look perfect for a night out and give you that extra¬†oomph that you need in the clubs have been replicated for the perfect glue on nail to give that same oomph to your hands. Sharper than the almond nail, these stiletto nails have a razor sharp edge leading up to a claw-like tip that could make you look like the fierce cat you are. They’re coming more and more into fashion; being worn by our fashion favourites like Beyonce, Zendaya and the Kardashians. So, let’s show you our top ten favourite stiletto designs!

Fantastic Metallic

Chaun P is a L.A. manicurist who has taken her nails to the next level by making them chrome and metallic. She knows a lot about nails, too, as she is the Kardashians’ nail lady! What a job that is.

Black Manicure

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Matte black looks stunning on all skin types but you can add some extra detail by adding a vinyl black detail on the edge of your stiletto.

Good for Gucci

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Add some class to your nails with this Gucci inspired design. Who doesn’t love Gucci? You’ll need a steady hand for this, though.


While the stiletto nail design looks anything but natural, keeping it simple with some clear nail polish makes them look as natural as they can. It will make your nails shine when they catch the light and will also mean that you won’t have to book into the nail salon to do this – if you can apply the nails yourself, that is! You can do this with any clear nail polish you can find.

Pastel Blue

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Pastel is so in right now and we can see why. This baby blue colour seems almost strange on the super sharp stiletto but it weirdly works. It will add a sense of innocence and cuteness to the nail while matching any outfit.

Nude is the way to go

No, we’re not talking about streaking. Keeping it classy with a rose nude will make your nails look stylish but you can take them to the next level by applying a vinyl sheen over the top to give your nails an extra pop.

Cardi B

While you’re bopping to Cardi B, you can match her to your nails, too. You might want to get your friends to help you out with this, though, as it’s a little more intricate than your average nail design.

Sunset Ombre

We love a good bright colour for these summer months and this is perfect for chilling on the beach! This subtle stiletto is also perfect to match this aesthetic as it’s in between sharp and soft – closer to its almond sister. These colours paired together will get people complimenting you from dusk till dawn.

Villain Nails

We all love a deep purple; the colour of royalty and all things badass. If you apply this rich colour and then a glossy topcoat, you’ll stand out for everyone to see. You’ll also kind of look like a Disney villain, but who doesn’t want that?

Accent Nail

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Accent nails are so in (and always will be, we hope as they are so gorgeous!) and that stretches to the stiletto trend. Keeping one glittery or sparkly will add some more glitzy detail to your hands.


Source: Elle

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