These Babies’ Reactions To New Foods Are Hilarious And Adorable

Most people, if we talk about adults, love trying new foods. The reason is quite simple: new food is one of the easiest ways to add some adventure to the routine of our everyday lives. By adventure, obviously, we don’t mean a chance to score a few extra trips to the toilet after an extra spicy meal – there’s just something about tasting new things, something that feels exciting and exotic. Do you know what we mean? You probably do.

Children, on the other hand, have a lot of things to get excited about as it is, so they don’t tend to be adventurous eaters and will normally stick to familiar foods (especially if the familiar foods are pizza, fries or Nutella.) Ever seen a child throw a tantrum because someone approached them with an apple? We know we have.

Babies, though? Babies are the best! They will put whatever you give them (and many things that just happened to be nearby) in their mouth, but chances are, their reaction afterward is going to be priceless.

This baby, for example, is not a big fan of avocados. Her face says it all!


And this little girl is not all that bananas about bananas.


Green beans are a no-no for this little nugget.


This baby is very open about his distaste of mashed potatoes.

Pears weren’t a big hit with Tula.

Finally, this baby tasted a grapefruit and got the shock of his life.


Which of these babies was your favorite? And how do you feel about the foods they tried? Let us know in the comments!


Source: Delish