The former Disney hero is accused of armed robberies

Adam Hicks, who used to appear on Disney television shows earlier, is suspected of committing four armed robberies in a Burbank hillside neighborhood.
Adam and his girlfriend were arrested on Wednesday morning. The reason for detaining young people on January 24 is connected with a noticeable number of armed robberies.
“I’d say four street robberies back to back is pretty unusual,” said Burbank Police Department Lt. Claudio Losacco.
Surely many people know Adam for his roles in Disney’s XD show “Zeke and Luther”, a project by Jennifer Lopez called “The Boy Next Door,” and the TV series “Freakish.”
“I’ve heard of this,” Losacco said when asked about Hicks’ Disney Channel past. “It’s not something we’re interested in looking at.”
A ransom of $ 350,000 is assigned to young people. They were brought to trial on Friday, January 26. According to Losacco, Adam and the girl made four attempts to protect, two of the chicken successfully completed. Among the stolen police found several credit cards, a purse, a mobile phone and an expensive necklace.
“All the property has been recovered, as was the handgun we believed used in the robberies,” Losacco said.
“Our belief is the female was driving the car, and the male was doing the actual robberies,” the lieutenant said.

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An authoritative source reports that a series of robberies began after 5 am on Wednesday. The 52-year-old man was walking near Burbank Boulevard and Griffith Park Drive. On the way, he was stopped by a man with a gun. An armed man threatened his life and demanded a wallet.
While the police were investigating the first case, there was another 3. The time difference between them was only a few minutes. All of them occurred in the same place with the participation of random passers-by who went for a walk.
All people described the robber equally. He moved on a dark car Kia, which also did not go unnoticed.

A while later, a witness appeared who reported that he had seen a car of the specified color and producer on the 1600 block of Scott Road. In this direction, representatives of law enforcement agencies found a vehicle and a woman, and who was involved in the crimes committed.
Around 1:15 p.m., authorities said, Burbank Police Department detectives were led to a home believed to be linked to the suspects on the 1800 block of North Niagara Street.
Because of the nature of the crimes, authorities said, members of the Burbank police S.W.A.T. team helped serve a search warrant on the home, and Hicks and Tamburo were placed under arrest.
Losacco said officers on scene requested that the duo come outside of the house, and “they came out” with no issues.
They robbed two victims in their 70s, two victims in their 50s and one victim who was about 20, all within a couple miles, Losacco said.
“It was within 15 minutes,” Losacco said.
Tamburo was the driver, authorities said, and the additional stolen property was found in the home during the serving of the search warrant.
There were no injuries as a result of the crimes, authorities said.
Anyone with information on the crimes is asked to contact the Burbank Police Department at 818-238-3210.