10 Terrifying Haunted Places You Need To See!

Below is a list of some of the scariest places in the world! There’s something about haunted places that just draws us in, and even though we know we’ll be terrified we can’t help wanting to know what the place is like. If you’re curious about which haunted place to visit next, then perhaps you should check out one of the destinations on this list!

10. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia


The name means “Thousand Doors,” and if that wasn’t creepy and foretelling enough, we’ve got a couple more stories about this place. It was built in 1917, and after being used in World War II as a prison – where people were tortured and even executed – by the occupying Japanese, it is now viewed as the most haunted place in Indonesia. There have been many sightings of headless apparitions walking along the corridors and on the grounds!