Watch This Teen Real Nightmare – His Dancing Mom Goes Viral!

Did you hear about Dancing Mom? This boy surely did. The trio was enjoying a game at San Diego’s Petco Park when they landed on the jumbotron screen. Oh dear, this teen really was mortified by his family’s actions. Cue one teen’s extreme public embarrassment! The woman on his left – his mum, aunt, older cousin, who knows? – started dancing along to Flo Rida’s “Low.” And boy, things really did get low from there on out.

The poor kid folds his arms in dire embarrassment, trying – and failing – to save himself from the shame of it all! And to make things worse, the guy to his right – who we assume to be another relative – starts pointing and laughing at the teen’s reactions. The young man thinks that he has escaped finally when the game resumes. But, to his horror, when the game takes a break the crowd turns their focus to him all over again! At this point he can’t take a moment longer and simply buries his face in his hands.

Poor guy! We doubt he’ll be getting over this one any time soon.