Taylor Swift’s Obsessed Fan Gets Arrested For Stalking Her Property

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It’s not uncommon for celebrities to deal with fans who cross the line.

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift experienced yet another attempt by an obsessed fan to trespass the territory of her house.

This Saturday, the security at the Swift’s Beverly Hills mansion noticed a man acting suspiciously right in front of the singer’s property. The security guards called the police who responded and caught a 38-year-old man who had driven all the way from Colorado to talk to Taylor.

The police interviewed the man, searched his car, and made a decision to arrest him for felony stalking. The fan is currently in custody and the policemen work on issuing a protective order to make sure that he doesn’t come close to Taylor Swift’s property again.

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It’s not surprising that the singer’s security reacted so quickly and efficiently. As it was previously reported by TMZ, another fan recently tried to scale a wall at Swift’s mansion. He got arrested and sentenced to three days in jail and a 3-year probation.

Hopefully, this is the last time Taylor has to deal with trespassers.


Source: TMZ