Taylor Swift Returns To Country Music With Her ‘Sugarland’ Duet

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

Taylor Swift finally releases new country music! The singer can be heard on the new song ‘Babe’ by Sugarland and she actually was one of the co-writers.

Sugarland and Taylor Swift’s collaboration is what the dreams are made of! The song ‘Babe,’ which got released on April 20, continues to attract more and more attention. Sugarland revealed the list of tracks from their upcoming album on April 12 and ever since then the fans couldn’t wait to hear the new song. What is interesting is that the song was written by Swift and Pat Monahan from Train, which means that it’s the only track that the actual members of Sugarland weren’t involved in writing!

Dedicated fans of Taylor Swift did some research and found out that the song was written a long time ago, but didn’t make it to any of the singer’s albums. In a 2013 interview, Pat Monahan talked about the song ‘Babe’ written together with Taylor. While the song wasn’t included in the singer’s album ‘Red,’ Pat hoped that it would still be released. Years later, it happened!

Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland told reporters that Taylor reached out to them with a song and they couldn’t decline such an offer.

So, if ‘Babe’ was written during the ‘Red’ album times, then who was the inspiration behind the song? Was it Jake Gyllenhaal? Or, maybe, Joe Jonas? We have to listen closely to find out!

Source: Hollywood Life