Taylor Swift Braces Herself For The Upcoming Kanye West’s Album

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Kanye West is about to come out with the new album on June 1, which means that Taylor Swift, who finally releases new country music, has plenty of reasons to be worried. Everyone knows that the musicians don’t get along.

Taylor Swift has to brace herself for what her number one enemy in the showbiz has prepared. Kanye West just announced that his new seven-track album will come out at the beginning of summer. The album will be the first one for the rapper after ‘The Life of Pablo,’ which came out in 2016. According to the Hollywood Life source, Tay isn’t too stressed about the potential upcoming diss, as ‘she is over him, their beef, and hopes he is too.’ But we don’t entirely believe that she isn’t worried.

The source also said that while the singer is calm, she won’t ever forget what happened in 2016. Kanye West famously attacked Taylor in his song ‘Famous’ by rapping the line ‘I made the b*tch famous.’ The ‘Trouble’ singer was publicly outraged after the song came out, but this is when Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian stepped into the picture. The reality TV star revealed the recorded phone conversation between Tay and Kanye in which the musicians discussed the line and Taylor agreed that it would be funny. This led to the public humiliation for Taylor and people referring to her as a ‘snake’ on social media.

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

Taylor is reportedly too busy preparing for her tour, so she has no time to think about Kanye’s lyrics. While Taylor is about to go on her stadium tour, Kanye has been through a lot since his previous album. The rapper had a feud with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, allegedly suffered a breakdown, and recently welcomed a baby. It means that he has plenty of other sources of inspiration to draw from.

Who knows what will happen. We eagerly await the new album!


Source: Hollywood Life