8 Tips To Take Your Makeup From Work To Werk! Illustrations

Going out straight after work? You need these touch-up tips to take your makeup from work to werk. If you’re like us, after a full day of work you don’t really have time – and can’t really be bothered, let’s face it – to do your whole face of makeup over again before heading out for the evening. This routine will last you all day long and make it super easy to transform your look quickly, ready for those after work drinks.

 1. Prime your skin

This step is key if you want to make sure that your makeup really does last all day. Prepare your skin with moisturiser and this will stop your thirsty skin from soaking up all the moisture in your foundation throughout the day, which can leave you with a patchy base. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of your preferred moisturiser onto your fingertips and, working from the center of your face, pat the serum evenly into your skin. If you find that moisturiser is no help, then it might be worth investing in a primer as well!


 2. Use ‘long-lasting’ makeup

There’s no point in wearing a lightweight BB-cream if you need your makeup to last all day long – go for something a little more durable to ensure that you don’t have to reapply before heading out! Make sure that you buff the product into your skin to ensure even coverage and to avoid caking.

 3. Add a little extra rouge!

Have you noticed that your blusher is the first thing to fade throughout the day? Yeah, us too. Start off with putting a little extra on in the morning and voila!

 4. Keep it as natural as possible

Going for a natural look makes sure that you save time in the morning, as well as meaning that your look is easier to transform in the evening. If you’re an eyeliner kind of girl, but don’t want the time-consuming hassle of perfecting that wing in the morning, then try using a tapered brush and some eyeshadow instead. This will give you a natural-looking line as opposed to the harshness of a liquid liner (it’s much more forgivable when it comes to making mistakes, too). If you’re a girl who must wear some kind of lipstick/gloss, choose one that won’t leave a stain: this will make life so much easier when you’re switching things up in the evening.

Now, for your evening look:

 1. Touch up your base

If you get the oily skin or touch your face a lot throughout the day, you may need to touch up your foundation. You can do this by applying some powder foundation to shiny or reddened areas.

 2. Rock that lipstick!

The easiest way to make a clear day to night makeup transition is to smack on some bold lipstick. Try to go for a product that is long-lasting but won’t stain your glass or leave you with patchy lips as the night goes on.

 3. Add a little smokiness

A smokey eye is a universal way of telling people that you’re ready for a good time. Add a little shimmer for some extra dazzling power!

 4. Glow up

Pat some skin illuminator onto your cheekbones and Cupid’s bow to complete the evening look. Remember, a little goes a long way here!

And you’re ready – get out there and paint the town red.


Source: Elite Daily

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