Sushi safety is doubted again: a huge tapeworm makes people worry

Be careful! Sushi aficionados can become disappointed and even feel nausea after the following news. A man from California who admits eating sushi every day noticed a huge wiggling tapeworm that is 5 and ½ foot in length. He admits that if he wasn’t obsessed with sushi, we would not experience that awful disgust. Moreover, his passion for raw fish could result in the infestation according to ABC30 Fresno.

Yahoo reports that this is not the first visit to the emergency caused by sushi, so many people were forced again to think what if they were at his place and if sushi really safe. Remember: you are less likely to get infected if raw fish was frozen reports the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is widely known that freezing is not able to save you from every microorganism, but the FDA advises to freeze and store fish at the temperature below -4°F for not more than seven days. At the same time, US states have different laws as for preparing sushi.

The infestation can take place only if you consume raw or not properly cooked fish or seafood that is contaminated. Researchers state that the biggest number of cases was described in Japan as it is habitual for the country population to eat raw seafood, but there is a significant increase of such cases in Western world too.

Japanese people have a habit to eat only those sushi that was not previously frozen as it influences the flavor. However, there was a study conducted according to which 40 participants were not able to find a difference between frozen and not frozen fish eating sushi.

The following results may be a reason to prefer frozen fish for sushi preparation as there are fewer possibilities to suffer from anisakiasis, so the Japanese population is advised to use the following regulations around the country.

The FDA has its solution to the problem: it is safer to cook seafood rather than eat it raw.