10 Of The Strangest Animal Behaviors Caught On Camera!

Animals get up to some funny things, and it’s part of the reason that we love them so much! In case you thought that you couldn’t love them more, we’ve put a list together of some of the strangest animal behaviors caught on camera that will both amuse you and tug at your heartstrings.

10. Dolphins surround man

Kiwi Report

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, so when the pod of dolphins surrounded this swimmer, they were doing so for a reason! The swimmer in question was confused by their behavior until he looked down and saw one fin that looked different from all the others – it was a shark! The dolphins continued swimming with Adam for 90 minutes, protecting him until the shark finally got bored and backed off.

9. Jumping bear

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Posted by Patrick Parker on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Andean bear, Luka, had a great time here comparing his jump height with that of a visiting young boy. Luka is housed with two other bears in the Nashville zoo exhibit and is part of a breeding programme for the species, which is facing extinction.

8. Grieving elephants

These beautiful animals are very emotional beings, as you can see in this video as they grieve and bury another one of their species. Touching the bones with their trunks, they identify the corpse as belonging to another elephant and after moving the bones they huddle together and seem to mourn.

7. Raccoon climbs skyscraper

This is the crazy moment that a raccoon decided to scale a Minnesotan skyscraper! Don’t worry, he survived the trip and is absolutely fine – he has since been captured by animal welfare who have given him food and water.

6. Lion takes camera

This lioness nicked a camera and brought it over to her cubs – they really enjoyed using it as a chew toy! We don’t know that the cameraman was too pleased about this though.