This ‘Stranger Things’ Based Meme Is Taking Mirror Selfies To A Whole New Level

Brace yourselves: this meme is taking us to the Upside Down.

In the second season of Stranger Things, our favorite gang of Demogorgon hunters gets another glimpse of the mysterious Upside Down. The new season premiered half a year ago and people on the Internet had some time to master their mirror selfie videos paired with the Stranger Things theme song.

The technical idea behind this selfie is quite simple: you’re dropping your phone in slow motion and then montage it together with a backwards (and, obviously, upside down) version of another slow-motion phone drop.

Well, less details, more videos.

The result of this mirror selfie may differ from trolling to thirst trap.

For some people it just didn’t go all that well.


And others brought real creativity to this selfie technique!

And for the dessert – this one had totally blown our minds away!

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