Steve Wilkos has survived in a serious car crash!

He is so lucky to stay alive after such a dangerous car crash. The ex Jerry Springer bodyguard was hospitalized. According to law enforcement bodies, Wilkos got into a car accident during Sunday afternoon. The source tells several poles and tree was struck by his vehicle. Steve got some injuries, so was taken to the nearest hospital but was already discharged from there.

TMZ reports that Wilkos always wears glasses when drives a car but he didn’t have them at that very moment. He was trying to reach the glasses and suddenly hit the roadside, and then struck the poles and a tree. Steve doesn’t consume alcohol or takes any drugs.

He tells he doesn’t feel good but everything will be fine. Wilkos also added that two from his work was driving in the same area that day and crashed. Unfortunately, both of them are dead.

At first, he became popular as Jerry Springer’s bodyguard during the talk show. In 2007 he created his own project “The Steve Wilkos Show”.

The police report the car crash is still being actively investigated.