10+ Stars Who Became Actors By Accident!

Can you imagine just falling into a career like acting? We can’t, but that’s exactly what happened for these amazing actors! They had no intention of actually appearing on screen and became actors by accident! It would seem that Hollywood was just destined for these people. Check out which of your favorite actors never meant to become just that!

15. Danny Trejo

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Danny is one of those actors who never thought that Hollywood is where he would end up! From a young age, Trejo had dealt with a drug problem that would land him in prison a number of times, but it was during his recovery in a 12-step programme that Danny’s life would change completely.

A young man who had heard Danny talk during one of the meetings called him to help on the set of Runaway Train, where he was asked to play one of the extras, a convict. Trejo had become a boxing champ during his time in San Quentin, and so he was even paid to train other guys on set how to box! After the director witnessed Danny teaching Eric Roberts how to box, he decided that he needed a real part in the film.

Today, Trejo has appeared in film and TV just about everywhere! It also seems that his acting work has truly helped him, as he never returned to prison and has managed to stay clean for almost 50 years.

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