Spurned By The Oscars: Why ‘Lady Bird’ Should Have Won Every Award

The night of the Oscars was truly significant: Jordan Peele won the prize for his excellent screenplay for ‘Get Out’; Frances McDormand became Best Actress and made a heart touching speech.

The shock of the night, however, was that the viewers’ favorite, ‘Lady Bird’, didn’t win a single award! How could this ever happen? Critics loved it so much, viewers loved it so much, the film got so many high ratings… but in the end, Greta Gerwig came out empty-handed.

To be honest, we don’t get it. The script is amazing and relatable to every family. The main character, high school student with big dreams named Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (played by Saoirse Ronan), and her truly over-worked mother Marion (played by Laurie Metcalf) suffer from chronic miscommunication. 

The leading actress is really shining, and so do the supporting cast! No one can break your dreams faster than Laurie Metcalf, playing the girl’s mother. No one could argue with you but still continue to support you like Beanie Feldstein, playing the girl’s best friend. And no one breaks your heart harder than Timothée Chalamet’s Kyle Scheible, the perfect embodiment of that first love that you won’t ever forget.

Of course, Greta Gerwig wasn’t offended, and neither were the actors. Everyone was happy to see their colleagues receive well-deserved awards.

Although let’s be honest: who are the real winners? We, the viewers! We have an incredible opportunity to watch a spectacular movie made by an excellent director with a splendid cast that will inspire us to do great things and change the world for better!

Source: www.nme.com