Overcoming Emotion: Soldier Dads Surprise Their Kids

If you’re like us and love a good cry over a mushy, heart-rendering story or two, then we’ve got some clips for you. The following are videos that captured the reactions of kids surprised by the return of their soldier dads – grab a box of tissues, you’ll be needing them.

5. Daughter surprised at school


Tina thought her dad was away in Iraq, but little did she know that he would be turning up to surprise her in class. She is speechless!

 4. Homecoming assembly


Natalie was doing what she thought was a recorded presentation of her reading a book to be sent to her dad, who had been on military deployment for over a year, but what happens instead completely shocks her!

 3. Double surprise


This soldier returned from a year-long deployment in South Korea to surprise both his 5 and 8-year-old daughters at their schools.

 2.  Graduation shock


It wasn’t looking like Taylor’s father would be able to make it back from deployment in Cuba for his daughter’s graduation, but little did she know what was going to happen!

 1. Awards programme surprise


Joshua has no idea that his dad is being honored in this awards programme, and when he realizes what is happening he just can’t contain himself!

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