Simone Biles considers Aquilina judge as a hero

Doctor Larry Nassar was punished. Now the man is sentenced to 175 years in custody for multiple rapes of girls and women for many years. Most recently, one of the most famous victims of the former representative of the US gymnastics team decided to express deep gratitude to the judge via Instagram.

A woman named Simone Biles became one of more than 150 victims of Nassar. Simone put forward a charge on Twitter, writing a long letter on January 15 this year. Her efforts were not in vain: the man was found guilty. The verdict to the 54-year-old doctor was rendered by Judge Rosemary Aquilina from Okrug District of Ingham County, Michigan County on Wednesday.

“Your crimes have cut into the core of this community and families and many we don’t know,” Aquilina said before handing down the sentence. “There was no medical treatment. You did this for your pleasure and your control. You still think that somehow you are right … I wouldn’t send my dogs to you, sir.”

A little later the judge added the following: “It was my honor and privilege to sentence you… I just signed your death warrant.”

Biles published words of gratitude and thankfulness to the judge on Twitter and Instagram on the same day. Each post included a photo of Aquilina and her touching and at the same time inspiring wish to the offended girls: “Leave your pain here. Go out and do your magnificent things. ”

Each post began with the following phrase, written in capital letters: “Thank you, you are my hero”. Then she added: “Although there is not a scripted path to healing. I know it makes me feel relieved that he can no longer hurt any more beautiful souls”.

But the enthusiasm of the gymnast did not end there. The woman, who is going to perform in 2020 at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, continued to write. This time the subject of her publications was an expression of admiration for the girls who were not afraid and did not keep silent.

“I just wanted to shout out all of the other survivors for being so brave and speaking like the queens that you are while looking at that monster and not letting him destroy you anymore,” she wrote. “He will no longer have the power to steal our happiness or joy. I stand with every one of you.”

Before the publication of her words, Simon retweeted the post of a judge about rejecting Nassar’s statement.



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