The Secret To Queen Elizabeth’s Good Health? Special Diet!

Queen Elizabeth, one of the most prominent monarchs in the history of the UK, turns 92 this year. A lot has changed during her reign, except for her eating habits. She gets a food suggestion list twice a week and marks the items that she really likes. Are you ready to find out what’s on the list?

Tea & Biscuits

Queen Elizabeth starts her morning with no sugar Earl Grey and several tasty biscuits.

Cereal & Toast

For breakfast, she usually has fruits and cereal. Sometimes, the Queen can eat a toast with jam. If there is a special occasion, she enjoys scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and truffles. Brightside Me reports she prefers only fresh truffles, which are best during the Christmas period.


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Before starting the lunch, Her Majesty will indulge in a cocktail. Her favorite kind includes gin and Dubbonet with ice and a tiny slice of lemon.

No Starch

The lunch starts at 1 p.m. The Queen normally has fish, spinach, and zucchini. She can also eat grilled chicken with some greens on the side. The most important rule for the lunch – no starch in her meal.

Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon tea is very important for the Royals. Her Majesty likes taking it with honey and her favorite chocolate biscuit cake. Her former chef McGrady says that during High Tea procession, two types of sandwiches are always eaten: cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg with mayonnaise or ham and mustard with no crusts. Furthermore, the Queen is fond of jam pennies: little penny-sized circle breads with butter and jam.


When it comes to dinner, her Majesty likes a good steak from local organic farms. Gaelic steak is her favorite. It usually goes well with a sauce made of mushrooms, cream, and whiskey. Sunday roast appeals to her as well, so she may eat lamb, grouse or mutton from time to time.


According to some sources, a glass of champagne finishes the royal day. The brand should have royal warrants. These include Lanson, Krug, and Bollinger.


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The Queen is very fond of dark chocolate – some might even call her “chocoholic”!


It’s really surprising that the royal diet is not strict at all. What do you think about it? Is it really the secret of Her Majesty’s health and great looks?