The Scariest Attractions In The World You Wouldn’t Try!

These attractions are truly testing, in all kinds of ways! Some might say that they are amongst the scariest attractions in the world, and we’re certainly not sure that we could handle the ride. What do you think?

7. Zero-G

This zero gravity, in-flight weightlessness experience has been said to be a ‘vomit inducing,’ as well as completely unbelievable. You’ll float like a real astronaut on a flight you will never forget, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

6. X-Scream

The X-Scream is a thrilling ride that propels you over the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. You go really fast, and it’s really, really high! Part of the design is to make you feel like you’re falling. No thanks!

5. Furius Baco

Located in PortAventura, in Spain, this is the fastest roller coaster in Europe, designed to make you feel like you’re literally being catapulted through the air!

4. Roller Coaster Zipline

The Roller Coaster Zipline makes you feel like you’re flying loop-de-loops, dipping and twisting through the air with incredible speed and dexterity.

3. Royal Rush Skycoaster

This ride will have you and your friends dangling 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River! If you think you can stomach that, then you’re in for an exhilarating ride as you soar through the air at 50mph, resulting in what can only be described as ‘the adrenaline rush of the century.’

2. Huashan Cliffside Path

It’s been dubbed one of the worlds deadliest trails, and it’s clear why. The path involves navigating a trail of wooden platforms bolted into the mountainside, whilst trying not look down at the sheer drops below you. You’re not harnessed to much, if anything, so make sure you hold on to the chains!

1. Zipworld Velocity

Penrhyn Slate Quarry, North Wales, is home to the fastest zipline in the world and the longest in Europe! You’ll travel at speeds of over 100mph, all the while taking in some of the most amazing views whilst feeling like you’re flying.