Photos Of These Rescued Dogs Will Move You To Tears!

We are all aware of those ‘adopt-a-dog’ adverts on TV, the ones that come on during the break and make you feel so guilty that you have to change the channel. But have you really sat down and taken the time to consider the difference adoption can make to a dog’s life? Get ready with your tissues – or an excuse for your sudden onset of sniffles – as these photos of rescued dogs will make your heart melt.

 10. Yoshi

Reddit/ Mofo_Turtles 
Yoshi was an underweight, and fearful pup, waiting for someone to come and take him to a forever home. Now look at him, his pricked ears and alert eyes show that he is full of energy and happiness!

9. Rosie


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Look how much happier and alert Rosie is now that she is at home with her new mum! Her photo pre-adoption looked like she had just given up.

8. Pillow


Pillow’s flat back ears and sad eyes were showing us how desperate they were, but now, in this new photo, Pillow is the smiliest pup, enjoying a petting from their new owner.

7. Mary Jane

Reddit/ Rogue_Mongoose

This pup was at an animal shelter for 2 months, after being confiscated from previous owners. She has now been re-homed, and we can see just how relaxed and happy she is now!

6. Waffle

Reddit/ haleyb33

Poor Waffle was desperate for a forever family to come and save her. She is a survivor of neglect, but now she is thriving in her new home and looking forward to a happier future!

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