Remembering Paul Walker: 9 Great Roles!

The world was completely shocked and upset when Paul Walker’s early death was announced. The handsome actor was at the peak of fame, and of his career, but a car crash at a charity event cruelly took all of this away from him, and he passed away when he was just forty-years-old. It may have been five years since we lost this amazing actor, but we have not forgotten him! Here are just a few of the films we can rewatch at any time. It’s the best thing we can do remembering Paul Walker.

9. Pleasantville (1998)

Remembering Paul Walker

In one of Walker’s first movies, he becomes the object of Reese Witherspoon’s affections – that’s certainly got to be a good way to start out, right? The movie wasn’t exactly a hit in the box office, but film critics were impressed.

8. Fast and Furious (2001 Р2013)

Remembering Paul Walker

Walker took the main role in this 6-film saga, and it became a huge turning point in his career, leading to worldwide recognition. As the films were released, Walker quickly became a household name and Hollywood sex symbol! Among other things, is there really anyone who does not love movies including hot men and cool cars? Duh.