Research Confirms: Lazy People Are More Intelligent

All of us like to watch TV shows, surf the internet or take a nap if given an opportunity. We can spend entire holidays at home, happily doing nothing at all. Don’t go blaming yourself for being unproductive and lazy: that might mean that you belong to the smarter part of humankind.


Recent research in the US shows that you’re less likely to get bored if your IQ is above average, and therefore you’re less likely to fill your life with many different sorts of activities.

On the other hand, those who stay physically active all the time need that physical activity to keep their minds well-stimulated.

So, in the end, people who regularly visit the gym might be in need of some mental stimulation, while those who stay in the bed already have enough mental capacity.

The study was done on a group of students from the Florida Gulf Coast and led by Todd McElroy, professor of psychology. Firstly, students were given a task to rate how much they agree with different statements like “I only think as hard as I have to”and “I really enjoy a task that involves coming up with new solutions and problems”.

Then, based on the results of the previous testing, researchers divided students into two nominal groups: “thinkers” and “non-thinkers”, and monitored their physical activity throughout the week by using devices that students wore on their wrists.

The final results have shown that the “thinking” group was less physically active than the “non-thinking” one.

Curiously, on the weekends there was no considerable difference between the two groups, which hasn’t yet been explained.


Researchers believe that the results of these tests confirm the idea that those with lover mental capability get bored more easily, and therefore need to be active all the time to keep their minds stimulated.

Professor McElroy admits that while this theory may indeed be true, it’s still important to maintain a certain level of activity. He stresses that the lack of any physical exercise can lead to various health problems, and so all of the students, no matter how clever, still need to partake in one form of activity or another to remain healthy.

While all of the above is just one experiment with a relatively small pool of test subjects, and it’s still too early to make any serious conclusions, you can definitely use the results of this experiment as a serious argument the next time someone calls you lazy.

Source: pretty52

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