15 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

On the weight loss journey, there are many obstacles that you will face and one major obstacle is your own body. With lots of effort and dedication you may begin losing weight, but after a certain period your body fights back and you may lose all the progress you made.

This article highlights 15 reasons why your efforts aren’t being rewarded and why you can’t lose weight.

15. Maybe you were losing weight without even knowing

Climbing on the measurement scale and realizing that it doesn’t tip downward can be a blow to your confidence. But even if you are putting in the effort to lose those extra pounds, you really shouldn’t panic about it. You might actually be losing fats from your body without even knowing it.

The body weight is a master in trickery. It tends to fluctuate by a few pounds depending on various factors. It depends on the food you eat, the time you eat, or the fluid quantity you take into your system.  Hormones can also increase the rate at which their body stores water which gives that extra pounds you see on your scale.