Princess Charlotte Looks Like Princess Diana

It has already been documented that Princess Charlotte resembles the Queen but recently she has been compared to Princess Diana itself! A two years old girl is beaming in the burgundy coat on the portrait, taken by her mom.

The royal watchers say that a little lady much resembles the childish photos of Princess of Wales. There is a photo of 7 years old Diana, which shows her similarity with little Charlotte, especially the eyes and hairstyle, reports DailyMail.

Many social media users have already written ‘OMG Charlotte Looks Like Diana’.

Moreover, she resembles her mother and the Queen at the same age. Additionally, after releasing Cambridge Christmas card, the royal watchers again commented on her likeness to the Queen. In fact, the little girl wasn’t only compared to the members of the royal family. Social media has also spotted her resemblance to Kirstie Allsop.

Princess Charlotte will attend Willcocks Nursery School, which uses a lot of play to learn something and charges £3,000 per term. She’ll be enjoying the pottery and poetry classes in this popular nursery, which is situated near the Royal Albert Hall and known to be simply ‘outstanding’ according to Ofsted.

Before the official start, the family will visit the nursery. Then the parents will be asked to leave for some time to see if their daughter is happy spending time without them. According to the sources, she would attend the school full-time.