15 Times Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan Changed The Royal Rules

14. The first of many celebrations together

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Prince William didn’t bring Duchess Kate to the Queen’s Christmas Eve celebration back in 2010 when they were engaged. Harry, on the other hand, invited Meghan to attend the celebration with him in December 2017. It was the first time that an incident like this had occurred in the Royal Family. Harry showed he was polite by asking for the Queen’s permission to take Meghan along before he went ahead with his plans to bring Meghan. Queen Elizabeth was happy about Meghan joining the celebration saying that she is a part of the family. We can say everyone was happy at the end of the day. But still, this event was really a matter in question.

13. Religion didn’t affect their relationship

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Until 2015, members of the royal family were forbidden to get married to a Catholic under royal rules. And also, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is the head of the Protestant Church of England. On the other hand, Meghan was born and raised as a Catholic. She even attended the private Immaculate Heart Convent School, in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the rules changed at the right time, just a few years before Meghan and Prince Harry got married.