Pregnant And Twerking! Cardi B Stuns Everyone With Her Coachella Performance

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

Singing and dancing at the same time is no joke. But doing all that while pregnant is a whole another level.

During her first performance at Coachella, Cardi B surprised everyone with her excellent singing and on point twerking while having a baby bump! That must’ve been quite a workout for a performer.

The performance led to numerous reactions on Twitter. Fans praised singer’s ability to hit all the notes and have great breath control despite her pregnancy.

As always, Twitter fans couldn’t miss an opportunity to make some hilarious jokes, imagining what Cardi’s baby felt during such an intense performance.

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine
Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

The rapper revealed her pregnancy in a spectacular way during her ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance and it seems that she doesn’t plan to stop rapping anytime soon!


Source: Twitter