Police Officer Sees Little Boy Alone On His Birthday, Proceeds To Give Him Best Possible Present

Adults might not see birthdays as something special anymore, but for every child, this day is very significant. It must have been heartbreaking for the little boy (name not disclosed) who had to stay at school on his 8th birthday as there were no people he could spend this day with. His parents were behind the bars and nobody was coming to take him home that day.

Representatives of the Green Bay school, Wisconsin, decided to call the police department, and one of the officers, Darryl Robinson, drove to the school to get him. Upon finding out about the boy’s birthday, Robinson contacted his granddad and offered to treat him to something before delivering him home. The boy asked to go to McDonald’s and was thrilled to get a ride in the police car.

As soon as they entered McDonald’s Robinson could see the happiness in the boy’s eyes. He was glad to get a Happy Meal and simply get away from school for a while. The officer also gave him several trading cards of his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, and a couple of temporary tattoos.

The Green Bay Police Department shared the story on social media. This news spread all over Wisconsin immediately, and numerous people started leaving grateful comments for Robinson. The officer admits he never wanted to be the center of attention but is happy that all the comments were positive. He is glad to set an example for other officers to continue performing acts of kindness, also believing that people of other professions should do that just as frequently.

Robinson had decided to treat the boy because he himself experienced a similar thing once. He was raised in Green Bay, and former Police Captain Bill Bongle did the same thing for him. He took the future policemen to the gas station and bought candy for him. The man became a close friend for young Robinson and eventually encouraged him to go into law enforcement. He was an example for Robinson to follow.

After the officer drove the boy home to his granddad, the latter decided to take him to the local Chuck E. Cheese. Robinson is not intending to lose contact with the boy and will be checking how he is doing regularly. He will be also happy to offer the boy a trip to the police station to see SWAT vehicles and play with sirens and lights.

Who knows, maybe in the future the boy might also want to join the law enforcement career, inspired by the officer’s kindness.

Yesterday Officer Robinson responded to a local elementary school for a child that was not picked up at the end of the…

Posted by Green Bay Police Department on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Source: StantonDaily

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