Plants From 800-Year-Old Seeds: What Do They Look Like?

Man will never be able to comprehend all of God’s ways. This is stated in the Bible. This is also proved by the numerous cases of striking discoveries in nature. It’s about one of them.

During their last excavation in Wisconsin, archeologists came across something certainly old and unusual. The first Nation’s Menominee Reservation concealed from the human eyes a tiny clay pot. Specialists are still working on this, but previously they believe that it is over 800 years old!

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It’s worth saying that this ancient example of ceramics itself is very valuable. However, the secret that he concealed inside himself was truly amazing!

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As reports, inside this ancient pot were seeds. These seeds were preserved quite well, so a group of students actually took them and planted them! And, the group was shocked to see that these seeds not only grew, but they wouldn’t stop growing! The plant that grew was called the “Gete-Okosomin,” a squash that scientists believed had gone extinct centuries ago. Its name means “big old squash” and that’s exactly with it is! What an incredible surprise!