Photoshop or not? That’s the question, Tori

Tori Spelling fell under the distribution of fans on charges of changing her latest photos. In particular, we are talking about a photo on which the actress advertises the products for weight loss by Flat Tummy Co.

In her post, Spelling poses in a magnificent sports dress of black color, holding in her hand one of the products of the above-mentioned company.
“It’s a new year, and it’s time for some changes,” she wrote. 

And people immediately reacted! True, not as expected. The fans began to study in detail her photos and eventually found something that can be regarded as Photoshop.
“Tori I was a huge fan. Truly,” one person wrote. “But this is the worst photoshop job. C’mon you are better than this.”
“I thought no way is this photoshopped, and then I have seen her hand!” a second wrote. “Oh, my!”
“The iron behind you is curving,” added a third.
The picture clearly shows the curvature of the fence, which obviously should not be there. The divergence of this and other details with reality and became the occasion for accusations against the star.
Despite the potential interference, many fans stood up for Tory and even began to praise her.

“Perfect the way you are!” one wrote. “You look great,” added another, while a third seemed to consider becoming a Flat Tummy Co. customer herself.

“She looks awesome maybe I need that flat tummy tea,” they wrote.
Almost immediately after the New Year, the actress showed the fans a new haircut. However, in the photo with the product Flat Tummy Co. Tory has long hair. This also caused many to doubt when this photo was made.
“Old pic? Your hair was cut a few days ago!!!” one fan wondered, while another commented, “I thought you cut your hair?”

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