Passion of the Christ 2: Mel Gibson invited Jim Caviezel for a role of Jesus again

The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson showed the story of life and death of Jesus Christ only partially mentioning the resurrection figures.

In two years, a producer decided to create the sequel to the film. It will raise the topic of Christ’s Resurrection and show three days spent by Jesus among people after he arises for the second time.

The USA Today interview with Jim Caviezel has already mentioned that he would put on the image of Jesus Christ one more time. He admitted that the movie might be shocking for viewers due to some scenes so they would adore it.

The protagonist has not told much about the plot of the film but was quite talkative about the project as a whole and the way Gibson works on it.

Caviezel also supposes that the film will be so good that might deserve a title of ‘the biggest film in history’.

The actor became a hero of another religious film Paul, Apostle of Christ and compared the pictures telling that both of them need time to crack and it would soon happen.

Gibson’s opinion about the sequel is the following. He called it a big subject that must be crafted cinematically appealing and have a function of enlightenment, but never create any weird impression.