Old Mobile Phones Vs iPhone: For What It’s Worth?

No doubt, we all barely imagine our lives without iPhones. It feels like we had them always. Can anyone remember times, when we didn’t have them? Moreover, can anyone remember which mobile phones he had? We did and decided to compare those vestiges of the past to iPhones and puzzle out why old mobile phones were better and maybe cooler than iPhones. So… Here is the epic battle – old mobile phones vs iPhone.

1. You didn’t have to charge your Nokia every 5 seconds

It’s totally true. You could actually charge your Nokia once in a week. And the iPhone??

2. Quite literally you couldn’t break it

You WERE NOT worried when your old mobile fell down to the floor each time. You could even throw it into the wall and it would still work. And what happens, when you accidentally drop your iPhone on the pillow? TADA!

3. Repairing!

If it’s really a cold day in hell and your cell phone conked out, you just go and buy a new one! That’s easy. But! If your iPhone goes out of whack…you realize that’s it’s easier to buy a new one that to repair it. Yeap, it’s the new iPhone or living your normal life for a month. With food and electricity.

4. Choose the difference

You could choose. The color, the shape, the size, the producer… And now, you choose between the iPhone and the iPhone. This is hilarious.

5. Addiction

There was life before iPhones. The outside world. Now we’re too addicted to these little things.

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