13 Odd Celebrity Collections You’d Never Guess!

Celebrities are interesting people…they’re kind of like aliens: we don’t always get them. They do some odd things, like collecting taxidermy animals for example. Here’s a list of some really odd celebrity collections, just in case you were curious.

1. Amanda Seyfried – Taxidermy Animals


The actress has a surprising love for taxidermy, and was quoted on the Jonathan Ross Show saying, “They’re easier to look after when they’re dead.” She even has a taxidermy miniature horse named Antoine!

2. Rosie O’Donnell – Happy Meal Toys


The comedian began this collection when touring America during the 80s, and now has more than 2,500 Happy Meal toys!

3. Angelina Jolie – Knives


Jolie’s mother bought her her first knife when she was a teenager, and the collection has grown from that point onwards! She’s also got some pretty good knife skills, which she has demonstrated with butterfly knives on American chat shows.

4. Penélope Cruz – Coat Hangers


Apparently, Cruz has a collection of more than 500 coat hangers, but she is quick to state that none of them are made of wire!

5. John Mayer – Rolex Watches


Owning a couple of these super expensive watches isn’t too uncommon for a wealthy celeb, but Mayer takes it to a whole new level. He even wrote an article for GQ titles, “Five Best Vintage Rolexes Under $8,000.” I think we can make a pretty sure assumption that he knows what he’s talking about through ownership of numerous watches!

6. Leonardo DiCaprio – Action Figures


We guess Leo is still just a teen at heart as he loves to collect action figures, particularly if they’re from Star Wars or He-Man!

7. Demi Moore – Vintage Dolls


Dolls are creepy things for most adults, but not Demi – she’s built hers their own house. The actress owns more than 3,000 of the things, and they are valued at around $2.5 million!

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