Nicole Kidman eats BUGS!

An Oscar winner decided to eat insects. Recently Vanity Fair has released a series of interesting videos, called Secret Talent Theater, where a number of celebs share their unknown skills. As for Nicole, she showed everyone how to eat bugs.

She started with hornworms and huge caterpillars. Kidman tasted the first one and said: “Extraordinary. Very moist, chewy, can’t quite describe the flavor.” They were followed with mealworms, which is a favorite snack for birds and rodents. Tasting them, the actress told: “I’m telling you, I’d win Survivor. “That is a fruity taste. I recommend it.”

The third course was nothing else but real crickets! Kidman exclaimed: “Awesome. Like nothing, you’ve ever tasted. Like a hairy nut — a nut from the shell.”

For the dessert, she got fried grasshoppers. “These are amazing. These are exquisite”, the actress said.

You may think you don’t eat those little creatures but according to the information, given by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), almost 2 billion people in the world eat bugs regularly, mentions Yahoo. Among them are bees, caterpillars, beetles etc.

It’s really disgusting to eat all those bugs but consuming them has become a common thing today. Nowadays you can find chocolate-covered grasshoppers in many stores and taste exclusive insect dishes in the restaurants.

It’s believed the worms, Nicole was eating were reared on an artificial diet because they were slightly blue when their natural color should be green. It’s really good as their garden relatives are full of toxicity.