Getting Ready For A Music Fest? Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Reveals Top Tricks to Prevent Melting Makeup!

Remember Beyonce’s makeup at Coachella? Just like the rest of her look, it was flawless. Now Beyonce’s makeup artist is revealing the secret behind her dazzling glow!

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Music festival makeup is one of the best loved trends – glitter, colour, bronzer; we all love it. But when you’re dancing to your favorite people and drinking your favourite drinks, it’s hard to keep a track of whether your makeup is falling down your face. If you use too heavy of a hand, you can make your powder and your eyeliner blend together into one big mess; however, not enough makeup can mean that within minutes of the festival starting, your hard work will be gone. How then do we keep a healthy looking complexion while ensuring that we don’t have flecks of glitter breaking off or our eyeshadow melting? Well, we have the expert – Sir John, a Los-Angeles based makeup artist for Beyonce, has to always ensure that the Queen of Pop’s makeup can stay in place while she performs.

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First things first, Sir John advises ditching the moisturizer. “When it’s hot, an emollient moisturizer is going to lift off your foundation,” he warns, suggesting to instead use a serum or a primer such as L’Oreal Paris’ matte formula. Next up, dab some concealer underneath the eyes and set with a small amount of translucent powder. This will make sure it lasts. Rather than de-shining the rest of your face, however, the makeup artist advises that you restrict the powder application to the undereyes for a ‘refreshed and youthful’ makeup look that won’t ‘weigh your face down’.

In the world of music fests, there’s no room for any oily, shiny foreheads; not when there are selfies being taken every few seconds. Grab up a set of rolling papers to blot any excess oil before pressing on some powder during your afternoon touch-up. This is a trick that Sir John has learned over his years of experience. “If you apply the powder before blotting, you’ll just push the oil right over your pores,” he explains. The rolling papers will quickly soak up any shine and are easy to transport – even if you have a tiny festival cross-body bag.

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Even colorful eyes are no match against the elements. Sir John says that NARS’ eyeshadow base is his secret weapon when it comes to keeping lids looking fresh and avoiding the melted look. As for keeping your winged linger in place, you should swipe on a creamy liner such as Dose of Color’s newest formula and then set it with a dark, matte powder eyeshadow. This will incorporate a double-impact strategy. Swipe your primer higher than you usually would. “Apply the primer directly over the brows, set with a Dipbrow formula and then a gel.” This means that you’ll get eyes and eyebrows on fleek.

Lips aren’t at the top of Sir John’s priorities; he says to use an eye cream as a lip balm as it won’t alter the texture of the products that are applied over it. Finally, use a cream blush to add a natural flush, some more powder and then set it all in place using a finishing spray. You can now forget about your makeup and instead focus on partying. Sir John says that the best for this is the yet-to-be-released Urban Decay cooling spritz which will keep all of your makeup in place effortlessly.

Enjoy your festival!


Source: Vogue